Golf Club Attributes Chart

Golf Clubs that are balance crafted can help golfers learn to swing better!

​​BALANCE POINT RATIO MATCHING The balance point of any club is the "timing point" of the distributed weight of the club. This point of balance can be complimentary to a golfer's swing and "feel", especially when every club in the set is matched in Balance Point Ratio, and M.O.I.

INERTIAL SWING WEIGHTING  When your clubs are Balance Ratio Matched and MOI Matched, they are DYNAMICALLY WEIGHTED using an M.O.I. counter for the head weight, and a proprietary process for the grip weight. This procedure has the result of all clubs in the set "matching".  They can be swung with the same amount of effort (M.O.I), but also swing with the same timing to length. This greatly improves consistency throughout the set for golfers of all abilities!

COG SHAFT TO CLUB HEAD ALIGNMENT Proprietary shaft to club head center of gravity alignment for consistent and stable shaft deflection. O.E.M Retail (name brand) or "Rack" sets rarely have shafts properly aligned consistently. There is one optimal location for the shaft to be in the club head!

​BALANCE CRAFTING for golf clubs is a optimal system of measurements, and weight distribution in club sets that result in sets that require the same effort and same timing for all clubs within the set. Sets of golf clubs that are "BALANCE CRAFTED" perform better, club to club.

GOLF CLUB MAESTRO BALANCE CRAFTED GOLF CLUBS ARE MOI MATCHED (Moment of Inertia) Moment of Inertia is the amount of energy (for a golfer, the amount of effort), it takes to move an object (golf club) from at rest to motion.

GOLF CLUB MAESTRO BALANCE CRAFTED GOLF CLUBS are individually crafted using a M.O.I. PERIOD COUNTER instead of a swing weight scale resulting in clubs that require the same amount of physical effort to swing.

STATIC SWING WEIGHTING golf clubs is an out of date method which results in clubs that have different M.O.I.'s and therefore the golfer must employ a different amount of effort to swing each club. This makes changing clubs between shots more difficult for golfers. Usually, if a golfer likes a particular club better than the rest in the set, the M.O.I. for that club is ideal for that individual.