Precision Weighted, Balance Crafted Golf Clubs

that Enhance Your Swing and Game.


​Hi CJ, You built me amazing clubs. I can't tell you how much I enjoy them. I have only played once at Bald Head Island and shot an 81 and for me that is good. These clubs hit true and solid and I have a lot more confidence in my game. Now, My Driver - WOW ! what a club- I never missed a fairway..........


BALANCE CRAFTING for golf clubs is a optimal system of measurements, and weight distribution in club sets that result in sets that require the same effort and same timing for all clubs within the set. Sets of golf clubs that are "BALANCE CRAFTED" perform better, club to club.........


The process begins with a Fitting Session that includes utilizing a test set of irons with different weight M.O.I.'s.  This enables the golfers to quickly identify what amount of weight in the shaft, head and grip give the optimal feel, balance and performance.  Next, a thorough examination of the players set will help to determine the next step..........


Golf Club Maestro ​ proudly uses only WISHON GOLF components for all custom sets built. 

The Balance Craft


How are Balance Crafted 

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