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The Fitting Process

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Golf Club Fitting to Enhance Your Golf Swing and Game!

Golf Club Maestro ​ proudly uses  WISHON GOLF, KZG, Tour Edge, & Swing Science for  custom golf club sets 

Golf club fitting using a golf simulator is a great first step toward a great set of golf clubs. The process of BALANCE CRAFTING during the building of a set of golf clubs will give all golfers an opportunity to make more consistent swings for better contact when striking the ball because the clubs feel and perform more alike as well as being idea for the individual golfer.  Proper balancing of clubs require precision and a focus on how each component (Club Head, Shaft, Grip) are weighed and measured throughout the golf club set.

The Golf Club Maestro system of testing and of building Golf Club Sets is a method of golf club set building that is beyond  the industry standards for "Pro Line" retail sets, and the basics of Custom Club Making.  This method is a revolutionary approach using an optimal system of precision measurements, and weight distributions for golf club sets that allow golf clubs to be swung with the same effort and timing for all clubs within the set.  Golf clubs that are "BALANCE CRAFTED" perform better, club to club.


The fitting process begins with a golf club fitting session, utilizing test sets of irons.  Golf Club Maestro testing is more accurate because the amount of physical ability the golfer has to make the most consistent contact and highest club head speed during the golf swing is measured by changing the amount of club head weight and shaft weight first.  Once this is accomplished, the fit is further refined by testing different shaft flex and weight profiles.  The result is an optimal relationship of weight, balance, and shaft flex that fits the player's unique swing.

This process is the opposite of a typical fitting using one club head weight and only changing the shaft flex.  Shaft flex fitting is too often used to make an club that is too heavy or too light to perform or feel "better". 

The Golf Club Maestro balance crafting process of testing and building golf club sets is a quantum leap in club making.  The result is more consistent contact throughout the golfer's set.  Better contact allows for more confidence and better scoring!