The process begins with a golf club fitting session that includes utilizing a test sets of irons.  Golf Club Maestro testing is unusual because in this initial step the emphasis is upon determining the amount of physical ability and effort that the golfer has available to make the most consistent contact and highest club head speed during the golf swing.  By changing the amount of club head weigh andshaft weight  (Quantified by the measuring the Moment of Inertia -M.O.I.), while keeping the other variables the same.  This enables the golfers to identify first what amount of weight (M.O.I.)  in club head, shaft and grip weight give the optimal balance distribution of weight to optimize their opportunity to perform the swing the golf club well.  This ground work is accomplished by first testing one M.O.I. club head weight in a range of golf club shaft flex in one weight and profile of shaft.  After the golfer has selected one club within the range of flex tested, the result is recorded.  Next, the club head weight is increased for each flex, (soft Regular flex, Regular flex, Regular Stiff flex, Stiff flex, and Stiff +), and the golfer chooses a "best golf club" again.  This process of adding weight and testing the flex is repeated through a reasonable range of M.O.I change until a trend appears or the player feels that the clubs are too heavy.  The resulting weight to flex combinations can be compared for analysis to determine the optimal relationships of timing and effort for the player.   This process is the opposite of typical fitting where only one club head weight is used.  Shaft flex is to often used to adapt a club that is either too heavy or to light for a player to make the club feel or perform, "better".  The Golf Club Maestro Balance Crafting process of testing and building of Golf Club Sets is quantum leap in fitting for a golfer because it defines a golfer's unique individual physical ability to definetheamount of club weighting first.  This allows the golf shaft flex to be "filtered" so that it can perform at a maximum for the player and their physical ability. 

Next, a thorough examination of the players set will help to determine the next step..........


BALANCE CRAFTING for golf clubs and golf club sets gives all golfers an opportunity to make more consistent swings for better contact when striking the ball.  Golf club retail sets such as Ping, Taylor Made, Titleist, Adams and others have very high quality materials, but the weighting and balancing of the clubs for the player, and of the golf clubs within the set is average because of the inadequate and archaic system of balancing using a swing weight machine.  Proper balancing of clubs require much more precision and a focus on how each component (Club Head, Shaft, Grip) are weighed and measured throughout the golf club set.  The Golf Club Maestro system of testing and of building Golf Club Sets is a method of golf club set building that is beyond  the industry standards for retail sets, and the basics of Custom Club Making.  This method is a revolutionary approach using an optimal system of precision measurements, and weight distributions for golf club sets that result in golf clubs that swing with the same   effort and  timing for all clubs within the set.  Golf clubs that are "BALANCE CRAFTED" perform better, club to club.


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